Jaki Excavating LLC

Our goal at Jaki Excavating LLC is to provide quality services, first and foremost. Having over 15 years of experience in the excavation field, you are certain to be satisfied with the work we perform. We take great strides to provide our customers with a clean and well organized job-site.

We specialize in residential excavation and are capable of doing a multitude of different jobs large and small. We also enjoy working with people who have creative earth moving ideas "earth sculpting" such as, backyard golf courses, green living oasis creations and/or any thinking outside the box. We work well with people who have new ideas and can also suggest and guide a customer who may not be very familiar in the construction/excavation field.

We believe that keeping an open line of communication with our customers is very important to keep your job running smoothly.

Servicing the South Hills of Western Pennsylvania and Surrounding Areas